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Similarly, insurers do not want to discourage people to take out uk mortgage protection insurance cover at a time when consumers are already under insured. But making the proposition attractive, while maintaining affordability is a continuing struggle. "There are a lot of issues surrounding cover for certain occupations in the uk mortgage protection insurance sector," says Simon Burgess, Managing Director of goodinsurance.co.uk.

"The travel and holiday industry, especially airline staff and those on the manufacturing side of these businesses are particularly volatile. There have been a lot of redundancies in these areas over the last few years and it has had an impact on the market as a result. The days of having a job for like are well and truly gone." Burgess says.

An increase in redundancies also means a rise in claims, which ultimately affects the level of risk providers are willing to cover. More payouts may lead some providers to reassess their books and question the viability of taking on more clients.

"There has definitely been an increase in the number and length of claims on uk mortgage protection insurance policies, particularly on the unemployment element of cover and it does have an effect on the amount of business we can take on, particularly when you look at what is already on the books." Says Andrew Areoff, Director of Rhinoinsurance.co.uk.

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